Dawlish Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail on The Lawn

The Dawlish Heritage Trail was installed in early 2019, and provides an excellent resource for all ages to learn about the vibrant history of this brilliant place.

Have a look at the Trail leaflet below to get a better idea of the locations and content, and pop into the Living Hub Store on the Strand, The Strand Community Centre,  Railway Station, or Community Library to pick up a Trail copy, and also a children’s rubbing sheet if you are heading out on a family trip.

Please remember that one of the Trail locations – Tudor Cottages – are modern day homes, and respect the privacy of the residents living here by not taking photographs at this location, and by viewing no closer than from the Interpretation Panel location. Thank you for taking this on board.

Download Dawlish Heritage Trail (If printing you may need to use the fit to page option.)

Download the Dawlish Heritage Trail Booklet – find out more about the history of Dawlish – wider information supporting the brilliant Dawlish Heritage Trail.

Browse audio recordings from characters on the Dawlish Heritage Trail:

Victorian fisherman
Prehistoric girl
Regency dandy
Modern naturalist
Victorian navvy
Engineer / member of the ‘orange army’
Tudor sailor
Medieval parish priest
Edwardian lady

Browse audio recordings from panels/roundels on the Dawlish Heritage Trail:

1 A Special Place by the Sea
2 Rebuilding the Railway / Modern sustainable transport
3 The March of Progress
4 Origins
5 The First Seaside Holidays
6 A Restless Coastline
7 The Revolutionary Railway
8 Modern Sea Defences
9 Tudor Cottages (sorry, no audio reading)
10 Victorian Drinking Fountain
11 The Manor House
12 Carpenter’s Bridge & Bridge House
13 The Heart of Old Dawlish
14 Landscaping the Lawn